Customer Cuts

Pro Shots


Tony came to see us for a new look – a short, short men’s haircut! We asked him about his new style at the end of the movie – take a look and see what he said!

A YouTube follower liked Ashley’s cut so much he wanted to know exactly how to achieve it! Lee said..”Take it high on the sides with a number 2 to take all the weight off the sides to achieve the right shape. Then layer the top without taking the fringe too short, then blend in the sides and chip into the top, adding some texture with the razor over the top. The main thing is to remember not to take the front too short. Check it when its dry. Taper the neck and use product to style!” Cut & styled by Lee Watts.

We created a new look for our customer Josh at our Lawsons Mens Hair Sydney CBD salon. We gave him some styling options using Lock, Stock and Barrel’s 85 Karats Grooming Clay. Cut & styled by Lee Watts.

Salil has an oval shaped face and Lee designed a cut for him based on his face shape and his preferences which include keeping the back short and creating a lot of texture in the top. He likes to keep his fringe long and styled to the side. We chose Lock Stock and Barrel Pukka Grooming Crème to style his hair with. Cut & styled by Lee Watts.

In April last year, we created the first video promo for Lawsons Mens Hair! With international photographer Mark Mawson at the helm and the help of some awesome friends, we shot all the scenes in one day and Mark put together the finished movie which has now had over 39,000 views on YouTube! I regularly get asked (via YouTube) about the cuts and how to style them and it has definitely driven customers to our Sydney salons – even one client from Europe! Take a look and let me know what you think. Cut & styled by Lee Watts.