A haircut and movie for Salil

Here’s the first in a series of customer videos we’ve been filming since earlier this year- Salil came to see us in our CBD salon so we could film his haircut.

Salil has an oval shaped face and Lee designed a cut for him based on his face shape and his preferences which include keeping the back short and creating a lot of texture in the top.  He likes to keep his fringe long and styled to the side.

Salil chose a track by Niki & the Dove called Mother Protect to accompany his movie!

We chose Lock Stock and Barrel Pukka Grooming Crème to style his hair with. Salil is a video blogger in Sydney ( forthedapperguys ) and he undertook a product review of the Pukka Crème and posted it as a video response to his haircut video on YouTube!

Salil came into see us again this week to model for our photo shoot for new Lawson’s looks – the new images should be ready to share in a couple of weeks!


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